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Spot Welding Machine

Spot Welding Machine
Rigid Frame

  1. Quick response welding head
  2. Encapsulated welding transformer
  3. Low impedance secondary circuit
  4. State of art’ welding control
  5. various models in digital CMOS
  6. MICROPROCESSOR based controllers

Wide Range

Many variations with different combinations of welding head, transformer, secondary circuit configuration, electrodes and tooling.


  1. Spot cum Projection Welding
  2. Electrode Tip Dresser
  3. Nut Feeder
  4. Weld Monitor


Brand RalliWolf Weldings Ltd. (Owner of Jaya Hind Sciaky)
Type Spot Welding Machine
Model SP
Rated Input Power Rating @ 50% Duty Cycle : 25KVA,50KVA & 75 KVA
Usage/Application Welding of two or more sheet metals by application of Pressure & heat from Electric Current
Model Name/Number SP25, SP50 & SP75