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Flash Butt Pneumatic Welding Machine

Flash Butt Pneumatic Welding Machine

  1. Heavy Steel Fabrication
  2. Low Inertia RAM
  3. Low Impedance Secondary Circuit


  1. Motorcycle Rims
  2. Chain Link
  3. Window Frames
  4. Auto Components
  5. Tubes and Pipes
  6. Tools


  1. Direct acting lever arm clamps with cylinders placed away from flashing zone.
  2. Low friction, accurately aligned movement of Platen.
  3. Motorized Unit with variable Speed for Controlled Flashing.
  4. Pneumatic Wedge type Upsetting Mechanism for High Upsetting Force instantaneously.
  5. Accurately Machined Toolings to match with Rim Profile.
  6. Automatic machine sequence control for high productivity.
  7. Thyristor Power Control with Tap Switches on Transformer for Optimum Weld Joint Strength.


Welding Type Pneumatic Flash Butt Welding Machine
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Power 50KVA,100KVA & 150KVA
Frequency 50 Hz
Surface Treatment Low Carbon Steel (Expanded & Compact Section),Medum Forging Grade Steel
Phase 2 Phase
Input Supply Voltage 415 V,50HZ
Voltage 7 Vot to 14 Volts
Country of Origin Made in India